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Our Story

high quality, low prices and excellent service... guaranteed :)

Usually low-priced products are considered to be of lesser quality than their more expensive alternatives. However, DepotFrenzy turns this around. On this page you will read how and why we are able to offer high-quality products at low prices with excellent service.

We Sell to New Zealand and Australia exclusively 

By maintaining high-quality requirements, we guarantee a wide range of products of excellent quality. It is safe to assume that all DepotFrenzy's products meet our consumers’ criteria. All our products are thoroughly tested in all countries of origin, including USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand and China. As a result, we guarantee that our customers receive only high-quality products.

Low prices

Did you know that big companies spend a lot of money on expensive marketing and advertising campaigns?,,,  We don’t. We prefer investing in our customers. As a result, we are able to offer very

low-priced products to them. 


Lowest prices

One-year guarantee on all products*

Track & Trace

Secure payment

Free returns*

15 day return policy

Money-back guarantee*

Personal service through e-mail and live messaging

Friendly and  attentive advise on all products

About us

DepotFrenzy is a New Zealand company. Besides offering a local look and feel in our website we regard providing the best service as our main focus. We  work together with the most reliable suppliers from USA, Australia, UK and China. We are an English partner and provide great customer service as part of the onpage marketing. In the meantime we source the best possible products from all over the world, including USA, Australia, UK and China to find the best possible price. In this way you as our customer will receive the very best from both worlds!


The DepotFrenzy team has extensive professional experience when it comes to hosting webshops. From these past experiences we have derived the foundations for DepotFrenzy. Customers rely on us: we know what products you’re looking for, we know how you’d like to receive them and we know when you want them to be available. All the connections we have made over the past years have shaped us into the organisation we are now: an organisation that we are proud of. You can also expect our staff to shop at DepotFrenzy.

We have strict requirements for our webshops and products, so we are able to offer you the best products. We only offer a product at DepotFrenzy when we are very certain it creates a satisfying customer experience.

Our mission

DepotFrenzy's mission is to offer you the best products at the lowest possible prices. Our wide and varied range of products allows enough choice to satisfy all our customers. DepotFrenzy will always attempt to represent excellent and customised service. Good customer relations are extremely important to us! Therefore, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, we would love to receive them.

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